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How Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) Improves Efficiency

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It is no secret that technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, with new discoveries being made faster than most of us can register. These new findings are spread across countless continents, companies, and sectors, but here at the BOTS Information Technology blog, we have taken every precaution and preparation to ensure this mass of information is broken down for you, our readers.

Finding the information is not the only challenge; we have ensured that the work on this blog is easy to digest for readers that are newer to the Tech-world. Whether you are a complete beginner or a hobby Tech-reader, we have tried to ensure that concepts are understandable, while still making sure the meaning behind the initial releases is untouched.

In an ideal world, our blog will help to bridge the gap between different people around the world in different sectors and groups. When information is made public, the public should understand it, and this is not always the case. When a new discovery happens, those that are heavily involved with the project can often forget that, depending on their project, they can effectively be speaking a different language than some of their readers. When you are not only looking at a topic you are unsure of, but also what feels like a language you do not fully understand, it can be a hugely daunting task to get involved.

As your translators of tech, we want to get you involved and interested in the vast and ever-changing world of technology and information.

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